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GUMMY VS. CHEWABLE: Let's Talk Labels

What's the difference between a gummy and a chewable? Nutritionist and Losers' Chews founder Sophie Anson weighs in.

Gummies Are Full Of Sugar

You can't lose weight by eating sugar! Just look at this comparison video from Sophie. Gummies that are packed with 60g of sugar per bottle are basically candy and negate the positive impact you're looking for in a supplement. That's why Losers' Chews have NO sugar and NO calories.

Chewables Are Stronger

Probiotic chewables are also more potent than gummies, as the heating process required to make a gummy kills off the bacterial strains that aid in weight management.

Just take a look at our Prebiotic & Probiotic, which has 15 strains of healthy gut bacteria. Gummy brands only have 1.

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