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Looking for guidance, motivation, inspiration and most of all, results? Sign up today with Sophie for a personalized nutrition plan, tailored to your individual needs. Rather than following a generic diet, your personalized plan will address your specific needs — allowing you to get in the best shape of your life — and will ensure you stay there. Having Sophie's full support allows you to adapt your plan to your changing needs. Following an EatStrong plan ensures increased energy, well-being, increased lean mass and loss of body fat — all without feeling deprived or hungry.


We have a variety of plans to choose from to suit your lifestyle and personal needs. Please contact me at for pricing and consultation options.


Following are some of the reasons you might wish to consider nutrition support:

    • Nutrition coaching for weight loss

    • Nutrition coaching for lean mass gain

    • Sports nutrition

    • Thyroid disorders: Weight gain due to thyroid disease/Hashimoto’s diet guidelines

    • Pregnancy and post-partum weight management

    • High cholesterol/ High blood pressure

    • Eating disorders

    • Allergies and intolerance

    • Diabetes and pre-diabetic conditions

    • Irritable Bowel Syndrome, gastrointestinal issues, bloating

    • Children and Teens: picky eaters, underweight, overweight

Losing weight can be difficult, especially in absence of a proper support system. There is no such thing as a generic approach to weight loss. Inability to adhere to a program and lose weight usually has less to do with a lack of willpower than it has to a lack of accountability. We provide continuous support and guidance, and we offer appointments to fit your schedule.

InBody Testing and Inbody 570
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